New Show Ideas

Here are some ideas for upcoming shows. Let us know what you think.

Best Adaptation

Best Stoner Movie

Best Schwarzenegger Movie

Worst Jump the Shark Moment

Best Table Top Game

Best Video Game Character

Best Lord of the Rings Character

Best Seinfeld Line/Episode

Best Bond/Doctor Who/Batman/ Sherlock Holmes Aka Character Interpretation

Best Beginning

Best Opening Title sequence

Best Tarantino Line

Superhero Who Should get a Movie

Best Genre Actor/Actress

Best Cult Movie

Best Sport Film

Best Dinosaur

Best Comedy

Best Tragedy

Best Comic Book Character

Best Album

Best Reality Show

Best Time/Dimension travel episode

Best Stargate Episode

Best Breakfast Cereal

Best Spin-off

Best of KISS

Best of Gary Oldman

Best Bond Movie

Best Spy Movie

Best Escape

Best Dystopia

Best Book

Best God/s/Ethereal Being/s

Best Friendship

Best Animated Feature (or Short)

Best Last Words

Best Computer

Best Revenge