Geek Fights 249: Best Devil

Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Michael Felsher, Josh VanValkenburg and Christy Wooke and they dance with the devil by the pale moonlight. 

Not all of them are gems folks.

Geek Fights 168: Best of Britain 2,The Empire Strikes Back

Chris Mitchell got a randy bunch of friends together to do an episode all about his homeland! Join Damon Shaw, and Mike Ortiz as they try and understand the musings of Bunny Summers, Paul V Finch, Neill Mitchell, Marc Stamper and the COO of Geek Fights Europe himself Mr. Chris Mitchell.  I wish you could subtitle a podcast. Chim Chimney Chim Chim Charoooooooo!

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Geek Fights 144: Gene Hackman vs Michael Caine


In 1994 , the Caine-Hackman theory was first postulated at Port Charles University. The Theory states that at any given time, either a Gene Hackman or Michael Caine movie is playing on television. Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Chris Mitchell, BJ Anderson and Barry Ingram neither prove nor disprove this hypothesis, but they do pit the two titans of cinema against each other in GENE HACKMAN VS MICHAEL CAINE. It's brilliants roles, questionable career choices, oscar, killer fish and the two hardest working actors in show biz.

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Geek Fights 140 Best 80s Action Movie


No skinny ties or leg warmers here, we go back in time man style! Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Mike Diskin, Benjamin Mcculloch, and the star of Josh Month, Josh VanValkenburg as the discuss the BEST 80S ACTION MOVIE. It's all homoerotic subtext, body counts, one liners and Arnold. Lots of Arnold. WWJCVDD? He would listen!

Here's the song from the break: here's the song from the outro

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Geek Fights 135: Mustaches vs Beards


It's time for a fabulous-fun-filled-facial-follicle-frenzy-full_of-Fuzzy-fellas! Join Damon Shaw, Mike Ortiz, Chuck Farrell, Christy Wooke and special guest stars Michael Felsher & the Soundboard players as they discuss MUSTACHES VS BEARDS! From pencil thin lip caterpillars to full on flowing chin manes we look at the best in facial hair. It may be the most diverse list too, with theres a wizard, a Jedi, some rock stars, a philosopher, commie, fascist and alien tyrants and lots of very manly men. Sure this might have been better in November, but we just thought of it a couple weeks back during Indy Comics Showdown and we couldn't wait.

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